Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baked Plantain Chips with Shrimp Ceviche

Simon was away last weekend and so I did what I always do when I am 1) supposed to be preparing for exams and 2) have the kitchen all to myself...I experiment and make myself some sort of elaborate meal like this shrimp ceviche recipe on baked plantain chips. It's actually not that complicated and there are a lot of different herbs and veggies you could add to the mix which makes it quite versatile. The shrimp is cooked, although in traditional ceviche it is served raw...I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to raw seafood. So if you are so inclined and feeling extra confident, by all means marinate the shrimp in lemon juice overnight and serve it raw.  I used starfruit in this recipe which I don't typically have kicking around but this time I thought I'd venture into the land of more exotic fruits. You could also use mango or tomato and it would taste excellent. 

Baked Plantain Chips with Shrimp Ceviche

✿ 2 large green plantains
✿ coconut oil or sunflower oil to coat the plantain chips
✿ 6 jumbo shrimp (tails removed and deveined)
✿ 3/4 cup fresh coriander (chopped finely)
✿ 1/4 cup fresh dill (chopped finely)
✿ 1 very small red onion (finely diced) *careful not to put too much, it's very powerful! 
✿ 1/3 cup cucumber (chopped finely)
✿ 1/3 cup daikon radish (chopped finely)
✿ 1/3 cup star fruit (chopped very finely)
✿ 2 tbsp hemp seed oil (or olive oil)
✿ 2 tbsp lemon juice
✿ sea salt to taste
✿ optional: a small bit of your favourite chili to taste

1) Begin by making the plantain chips. Preheat the oven to 350. Peel the green plantains by chopping each end off and making two shallow slices down opposite sides of the plantain. Peel the skin off. Next slice the plantains very thinly with a mandolin. Place the sliced plantains in a bowl and drizzle melted coconut or sunflower oil over them. Add a pinch of sea salt. Toss until well coated. Spread the plantains on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for 15 - 25 minutes or until slightly browned (this will depend on the thickness of your plantain chip). Remove from oven and cool.
2) Next prepare the shrimp. Prepare a small pot with boiling water and several tbsp of sea salt. When the water begins to boil, turn off the heat and plop the shrimp in the pot for 3 min. Remove the shrimp, allow to cool and then shop finely. 
3) Prepare the remaining ingredients and toss them together in a medium size bowl. Add the shrimp to the mix and place the bowl in the fridge for at least 1 hour. 
4) Serve the shrimp mixture on top of the plantain chips.



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  1. Looks very delicious in the picture though. i don't know how this will taste:) i hope it will be as like in the picture. i am not a well cooker but i think it's nice one to try.


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