Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pre Packaged Paleo Snacks from Cave Cravings

I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered the opportunity to test out a line of Paleo snack products from Cave Cravings.  Cave Cravings is a monthly subscription service that delivers natural, organic snack options to your door. It is so hard to find pre-made snacks that are grain free, dairy free, sugar free and preservative free and so usually I just make my own but there are those times where I wish that I could just grab something without having to plan ahead. Simon and I took the day off on Friday and on a whim went out to Deep Cove for a hike. Since it was the end of the week our snack supply was essentially diminished and so I brought along some of the snacks that Cave Cravings had sent me. I was surprised by how fresh the jerky and energy bars tasted and Simon just couldn't stop eating the cookies and macaroons (figures!). My initial reaction to these paleo friendly snacks was "If only they sold stuff like this at every corner store"! What a great idea to have something prepackaged and really easy to grab when we make spare of the moment plans....and I love their tag line "We do the hunting and gathering for you". How fun! I would highly recommend checking out their snack boxes if you have a chance. 

Some pictures from our hike...this is winter in BC

Have an absolutely lovely weekend!


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