Thursday, April 11, 2013


 I have been quite scared of mandolins ever since I sliced off my finger using one last spring! Since then we have purchased a new mandolin (which I have not used until now...I have always asked Simon to do it for me for fear of slicing off another finger) and my finger has grown back. We are in the process of planning a tentative road trip across the country this July because we are 90% sure we are moving to Vancouver for September (very exciting!!). Given that we may be on the road for a few weeks we have started experimenting with lots of different dehydrated snackeroos! These chips turned out really nicely and have a good crunch to them. I do not believe that they would work in the oven but by all means give it a shot if you are adventurous. I have mentioned how much I love love love my dehydrator before and I really do! It's so worth the investment - and I recommend the Excaliber ones. I got mine off of craigslist for less than half price, so buying used is always an option! 


6 medium size beets
✿1/2 a purple sweet potatoe
1 tsp sea salt
✿ 1/4 cup water
1 tbsp olive oil
**Mandolin & Dehydrator 

1) Scrub your veggies thoroughly with water (I use a scrub brush for this). Chop the ends off of both the beets and the sweet potato.
2) Set your mandolin to its thinnest setting.
3) Begin slicing your veggies into thin circles with the mandolin. **Please be careful not to slice off a finger!
4) Place the sliced beets and sweet potato in a large bowl.
5) Add the water, salt and olive oil and mix it around with your hands. Make sure all of the chip slices are coated.
6) Allow the chips to sit in the water mix for 10-15 minutes.
7) Place the chips on a teflex lined dehydrator sheet.
8) Allow the chips to dehydrate at 145 F for an hour. Turn the heat down to 110 F and leave them to dehydrate for another 8 hours. 
9) After 8 hours has passed remove them from the teflex sheet and place them directly onto the mesh sheet. Dehydrate at 110 for another 4-5 hours. 
10) Remove from the dehydrator and munch away!   

Have a very happy day!


  1. Hi,
    I found your blog searching Pinterest for dehydrated beets. All the recipes I found involved baking them, and I was looking to see if I could just put them in the dehydrator. I use a mandolin too, and a couple weeks I sliced my thumb open. Those things seriously freak me out.

  2. Hi Amy, they can definitely be dangerous, I too have sliced my thumb! Now I only do half of each beet with the mandolin and use the other half for something else so my hands don't get so close to the blade. I have found that they work in the dehydrator as long as you slice them very thin and let them marinate for a little bit in the olive oil mixture as that will soften them a bit.

  3. Thank you for the recipe, Malakai. I noticed you don't peel your veggies. Do the skins get chewy?

  4. Thanks Malakai for the instructions & advise
    . I have a 7 tier dehydrator but it's so old, it only has 1 temperature setting. Will this still work? I also have a near new Mandolin that I've been reluctant to use.... now I know why & I'll be mega-careful when I use it.

  5. I replaced teflex lined dehydrator sheet with parchment paper. Worked wonderfully, I'm able to reuse the parchment paper for several batches. ;)


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